"Let Me See Love" Screenprint

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One fateful summer, a buddy introduced me to a band.  I've always loved NuMetal, Thrash, and Death Metal, but when I heard Iron Maiden for the first time, my mind was absolutely blown.  

Iron Maiden's music is, simply, epic!  Between the guitars, bass, drums, vocals, and storytelling, Iron Maiden is truly a musical smorgasbord.  They're one of the most successful metal bands, and their impact can be heard in the music of younger rock and metal musicians.

Green Rabbit Press has embarked on a print project dubbed the 'Metal Maidens'.  Artist Joshua Kolbow will be creating screenprints inspired by 12 metal bands; each band will personified by some lovely metal ladies.

"Let Me See Love" is the first Metal Maiden print in the series inspired by the band Iron Maiden.

-18X24" Screenprint

- Limited Edition